Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele – Which One is Best To Play?

In comparing Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele it is important to know how the two instruments work. Cavaquinho is the Spanish name for the Cavaella which is a tuned flute, but in this case a guitar instead. aThe tuning of the Cavaella is very similar to that of the tenor ukuelele Both have tones of G, C, D7 and F which are sharps and flats. So the only difference between Cavaquinho and the Ukulele is that the Ukulele has a bit more harmonic versatility and tone than the Cavaquinho.

Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele

Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele
Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele

The first note of both instruments in B flat, which is the first note on the Cavaquinha. Also on the Cavaquinho are three flats and one sharp. The Ukulele’s second note is an E flat and its sound is a little different because it doesn’t always have the B note on it.

The Cavaquinho has a little difference in the tuning of the second string. Its first note is an A flat and the second note is an E flat. The first string has a little more flexibility because the second string is a bit higher and its tone is a bit smoother. This makes the Cavaoquinho slightly different in tuning than the Cavaquinho vs Ukulele.

Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele Main Difference

So which one should you learn how to play the Cavaoquinho? Well, it depends on what type of music you want to play. If you are a beginner then the Cavaoquinho is probably best. It is a much easier instrument to play and it gives off a nice warm sound when played. The baritone can be played with a lot of ferreteros if you have the chance to do so between Cavaquinho vs Ukulele.

Another big difference between these two guitars is how they are tuned. The Cavaoquinho is not tuned like an acoustic guitar. The Ukulele on the other hand is tuned a little bit higher than most acoustic guitars.

Which Instrument Do You Prefer, Cavaquinho or Ukulele?

The Cavaoquinho also tends to be a little bit brighter in sound than the Ukulele. This, however, is not as big of a difference as some people may make it out to be. Most guitar players are used to playing bright strings, so having a little difference in sound isn’t going to alter very many people’s mind set. The Cavaoquinho tends to have a slightly more aggressive sound to it.

Which ever way you decide to learn how to play the Cavaoquinho, you can rest assured that you won’t find any difference between the Cavaoquinho vs Ukulele. Both guitars are great to learn how to play. They just have different features that sets them apart from one another. For example, the Ukulele has open tunings. If you want to play songs with a harsher sound, this will come in handy.

What is the difference between ukulele and cavaquinho?


So when deciding what you want to learn how to play the guitar, it is really a matter of preference and need. The Ukulele will be best for a beginner, because it is easier to learn how to play. However, if you are someone who likes to have a bit more of a classical guitar sound, learning Cavaquinho is for you. Either way, it will provide you with hours of wonderful guitar playing fun.

When looking at the differences between Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele, one of the most striking differences has got to be in the tonal world. Cavaoquinho tends to sound a lot like a classical guitar. It sounds very melodic and flowing, almost like it was written for music. There are few guitars that can come close to Cavaquinho.

Cavaquinho vs Baritone Ukulele

The other big difference is that Cavaquinho tends to sound a lot clearer than the Ukulele. The Cavaoquinho has a warm and dark tone to it. The Ukulele has a more distorted sound and can sound muddy or muffled at times. This is not something you will hear very often if you were learning how to play the guitar.

Now, while there are many differences between the two guitars, they are also similar enough that they can be considered to be the same breed of the guitar. You can pick up a Cavaquinara with any brand of guitar and they will still play just as well as a Fender Strat or a Gibson Flying V. What you want to do is pick up a Cavaquinho to learn how to play rock and roll and get the sound of vintage guitarists on your fingertips.

Cavaquinho vs Ukulele: The Conclusion

This is just an introduction to Cavaquinho Vs Ukulele. There are much more factors to consider when it comes to these two types of guitar. So take the information in this article with a grain of salt. They are both great guitars to learn to play.