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Dear Adoption, is a platform which shares a vast array of experiences as lived by those most affected by adoption: adoptees. DA, exists to elevate adoptee voices and shift the narrative surrounding adoption to better educate society.

We intend for the adoptee voice to be the dominant voice on the subject of adoption. We believe the best way to address and highlight the ethical issues within the adoption industry, properly educate society, and create a better, safer world for future generations of adopted people is through the sharing of our stories. Dear Adoption, is neutral in its stance on adoption; it is not intended to promote or dissuade but to educate society on adoption truth.


JPEG image-4C5370E456BD-1Sincerely, is a place for natural family members to share their experiences with adoption.

The writers at Sincerely, intend to share their stories as a way to further educate society. The Sincerely, letters address the challenges within adoption and create awareness around a perspective that often goes unrecognized in the cultural narrative of adoption.

While Sincerely, believes the dominant voice in adoption must be those of adopted people, their natural family members are a part of that story. The objective for Sincerely, is to provide an opportunity for natural families to express their individual views as a way of preventing family separation.

While many opinions and perspectives differ, an important part of keeping a family intact is when we listen to those who have lived it.


JPEG image-C45C0347DBFB-1P.S. features letters written by those in reunion: those once separated by adoption. While society loves a reunion story, often the stories shared publicly capture just the beginning of an often challenging journey as biological strangers navigate through uncharted territory.

In these personal accounts by adopted adults or natural family members, society will draw a better perspective of this complex process. While some reunions seem effortless, many are rife with complications.

We believe the stories of reunion are another critical layer. With DNA testing available, adoption no longer holds the same secrecy or anonymity it once did. Eventually, everyone will be discovered. Our intent is to provide further exposure to this rarely discussed, often difficult chapter of adoption separation.


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fp365 is interviewing mothers as we are inspired to share their stories. This project is in direct response to an organization which celebrates birth mothers and supports the separation of family via adoption.

In order to prevent this same fate for future families, to properly inform and educate, they must hear the entire story. 




The Family Preservation Project

A comprehensive list of resources by state including healthcare assistance, temporary housing, state aid, childcare assistance, putative father registry, etc.



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Saving Our Sisters

A national organization dedicated to supporting pregnant women and preventing unnecessary adoption.




IMG_2493 Covenant House 

“Being a good mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and it’s almost impossible when you are young, homeless, and without family. That is why our Mother/Child program was created to help these determined mothers and pregnant teenagers secure a brighter, more stable future for themselves and their babies.”



Mental Health and Addiction Treatment facilities for pregnant mothers and their children:

MIST // Mother’s Intensive Support Treatment // Gainesville, Florida

“…The program strives to empower women to become self-sufficient, responsible mothers who are capable of creating a bright future for themselves and their children..”


UNC Horizons Program // UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

“Our mission is to provide world class empowering and transformative interdisciplinary care to women and their children affected by substance use disorders.”

Queen of Peace Center // St. Louis, MO

“The mission of Queen of Peace Center is to break the cycle of substance use disorders for women, children and families through family-centered behavioral healthcare…”


Pregnant teen & teen mom mentorship programs:

TOPS // Arizona

“TOPS Proactive Teen Parents classes will provide you with the information to help you be the best parent possible. Young families will learn about child development, nutrition, safety, routines, language development and much, much more!”

Impact Mentoring // Birmingham, Alabama

“The Mentoring New Moms Program assists new mothers who might benefit from a friendly guide/mentor relationship.  The goals of the program are to prevent child abuse and neglect; encourage responsive, responsible parenting; strengthen and stabilize the family unit; link parents to supportive community-based services; and help parents enhance their self-esteem and promote personal growth.  The Mentoring New Moms Program also assists women in seeking to move from welfare to work.”

Chloe Inc. // Columbus, Ohio

“CHLOE’s Mentoring Program is a structured program for pregnant teens and teen moms between 13 and 21. Young moms are paired with a caring adult woman who provides guidance toward goals for parenting and self-sufficiency.”




Global Preservation // How to get involved

Click to watch:

Tara Winkler // Why We Need to End the Era of Orphanages






“…With that kind of money (adoption fees) we could have taken care of the child and his/her biological family for a decade: equipping, empowering, and educating the whole lot of them at Hope Home Calcutta.” ~Dev Sarkar // Hope Home Calcutta, India


“Over 80% of the children living in orphanages in Uganda have at least one living parent. These children are being raised away from their families because of poverty, not because they are unloved or unwanted. At Abide we believe children grow best in families and so we fight everyday to help families go from barely surviving to thriving and to prevent family separation.”  Abide Family Center , Uganda


“Since our first OLO family we have assisted several families by arranging for surgery, fund raising surgeries, pay tuition for Special Need education, set up Cindy’s Corner to bring cheer in the hospital and launched The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit to reduce the number of orphans born with cleft lip/palate. As Family Preservation gains attention in China, we look forward to a future of helping families stay together. Less than one year since our beginning we are thrilled at the level of support we are receiving, especially with our efforts to preserve families. We are confident that The Children’s Garden will continue to grow and serve children and their families throughout China.” ~Naomi Jean // One Less Orphan, China


“Haitian Families First nurtures and empowers families in despair through emotional, social, and financial support, ensuring children remain with their biological families and out of unnecessary institutions.” Haitian Families First, Haiti


“Children need their mothers and their mothers need a strong foundation of education and skills to escape the vicious cycle of poverty in Guatemala. Since 2011, Project Somos has worked to protect children and help mothers … and we’re just getting started. Through our eco-sustainable community and innovative programs we empower at-risk mothers to protect, nurture and provide for their children — so they can move on to live independently, and build a better future for generations to come.” Project Somos Children’s Village // Guatemala


“To strengthen and empower vulnerable families through the provision of comprehensive & holistic services to children, youth and caregivers that enable them to address their own emotional and physical needs, foster self-sufficiency, protect their rights and reach their full potential.” Simama Family Support // Tanzania


“The Small Things (TST) aims to create alternatives to traditional residential care for vulnerable children by keeping families together, empowering caregivers and communities and serving as an advocate for transition to a family-first model with options for residential care when reunification is impossible. We provide holistic support and resources through our Family Preservation Program which allows families to keep or reclaim their children through microfinance, business training, adult education, school support and daycare.” The Small Things // Tanzania


“The mission of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is to support women through economic, social and political programs, creating opportunities while addressing inequality; strengthening families and communities.” Women’s Global Empowerment Fund


“We’re dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We educate the public about maternal health, engage individuals to advocate for the well-being of mothers, and invest in community-led programs to improve access to essential maternity care.” –Every Mother Counts


Do you have an organization you would like to see on our list? Please contact us.