Fp365 believes a critical part of education comes from listening to the voices of those who have lived with family separation. Please visit our three featured sites:

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Dear Adoption, is a platform which shares a vast array of experiences as lived by those most affected by adoption: adoptees. DA, exists to elevate adoptee voices and shift the narrative surrounding adoption to better educate society.

We intend for the adoptee voice to be the dominant voice on the subject of adoption. We believe the best way to address and highlight the ethical issues within the adoption industry, properly educate society, and create a better, safer world for future generations of adopted people is through the sharing of our stories. Dear Adoption, is neutral in its stance on adoption; it is not intended to promote or dissuade but to educate society on adoption truth.


JPEG image-4C5370E456BD-1Sincerely, is a place for natural family members to share their experiences with adoption.

The writers at Sincerely, intend to share their stories as a way to further educate society. The Sincerely, letters address the challenges within adoption and create awareness around a perspective that often goes unrecognized in the cultural narrative of adoption.

While Sincerely, believes the dominant voice in adoption must be those of adopted people, their natural family members are a part of that story. The objective for Sincerely, is to provide an opportunity for natural families to express their individual views as a way of preventing family separation.

While many opinions and perspectives differ, an important part of keeping a family intact is when we listen to those who have lived it.


JPEG image-C45C0347DBFB-1P.S. features letters written by those in reunion: those once separated by adoption. While society loves a reunion story, often the stories shared publicly capture just the beginning of an often challenging journey as biological strangers navigate through uncharted territory.

In these personal accounts by adopted adults or natural family members, society will draw a better perspective of this complex process. While some reunions seem effortless, many are rife with complications.

We believe the stories of reunion are another critical layer. With DNA testing available, adoption no longer holds the same secrecy or anonymity it once did. Eventually, everyone will be discovered. Our intent is to provide further exposure to this rarely discussed, often difficult chapter of adoption separation.

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fp365 is interviewing mothers as we are inspired to share their stories. This project is in direct response to an organization which celebrates birth mothers and supports the separation of family via adoption.

In order to prevent this same fate for future families, to properly inform and educate, they must hear the entire story.