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“I wasn’t BRAVE. I wasn’t selfless. I was SCARED. I was ALONE. My daughter and I LOST a lifetime together because of one moment of crisis. I will be who I needed when I was younger. That begins with FAMILY PRESERVATION.” -Katie


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“When a mother places a child for adoption everyone is affected by it: sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Every effort should be made to keep a child in its family. Adoption should be the very last resort.” -Jessenia//Japan





“I lost my daughter to adoption and never knew I’d be hurting her. I’ve learned so much. When we keep a family together we prevent inevitable pain for all involved.” -Doug



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“Our culture is an instrument of our legacy.

Take a step back and raise your awareness. Are we funding and fueling a culture that we as a nation will be ashamed of a few decades from now

We are all gatekeepers for the next generation. Preserve a family. Let go of shame.” -LeAnne


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“Separation destroys family bonds and subjects mothers, fathers, and children to undeserved lifelong suffering. I support family preservation. No human being is disposable and love never equals abandonment.” -Sunny




“As a Christian I was told adoption was beautiful: a picture of God’s love. There is no beauty in the loss of a family member: only continued grief and destruction.

It is never God’s plan to give away family.” -Jen



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“When we PRESERVE a FAMILY, we are STRENGTHENING a society.” -Steph





“We need to build community by rallying around natural families rather than separating them.” -Simeon









“Children should never be separated from their mothers if at all possible. No matter how much love one gives a child, the wound of a mother lost never heals.” -RM








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“Preserving family keeps their heritage, their roots and their identity intact. When we separate families, they lose out on the opportunity to truly belong and flourish within their own tribe and their story. Separation of families is never one that fixes but forever breaks down humanity.” -Ma-An




“We must recognise that children and young people come into this world within the context of their family (including extended family), community and culture. This connectedness helps shape their identity and influences who they are as people. Supporting children and young people holistically necessitates that we support their right to retain their attachment to their biological family, identity and sense of belonging.” -Angela // Australia

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“I support mothers and babies together. Science is clear that babies are profoundly affected when they are removed from their mothers, and the primal wound can last a lifetime. Let’s work together to support family preservation.” -Maeve





“As if my own life was not all the proof required, those experiences led to a career working with families created through adoption. I’ve observed family members struggle repeatedly, with the exact same dynamics around the loss of their biological connections. The proper therapeutic response is: ‘The more educated you are about the psychological aftermath of adoption, the more you will find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.  However, this is life-long loss, from which there is no escape, and it impacts generations.’

How can anyone participate in creating man-made, life-long pain rather than helping families stay together? Answer me that.” -Leslie Pate Mackinnon


FullSizeRender (7)“Family preservation ran through my veins before I even had a name for it. I was raised by a single mother for the better part of my childhood. I watched as she worked incredibly hard to make ends meet while trying to raise us on her own. Fast forward to today: I’ve worked in family preservation both globally and in the US. My passion has only increased with my education and more experience in the field. Working to keep families together is not easy work but it is the most important work. Everything comes back to family, and a family’s income or geographic location should not decide whether or not they get to stay together.”

Kelsey // Co-founder, Abide Family Center, Uganda



“The only guarantee with adoption is loss.
Today, mothers are not provided full disclosure of the lifelong trauma separation causes to themselves, their infant, and their families. Expectant mothers are extremely vulnerable and when supported through their fears and given the knowledge that they are ALL their baby will need, they become empowered. Supporting a mother by helping her avoid applying a permanent solution, based on fear, to her temporary crisis costs a small fraction compared to infant adoption costs.

Doing the right thing is supporting mothers and their infants so they may remain together as they were intended to be. Join the family preservation movement and Saving Our Sisters to empower, support, and keep families together. Our work to prevent unnecessary adoption is priceless, positive, and will be one of the most rewarding life experiences in which one will participate.” -Renee / Founder of Saving Our Sisters