fp365 is a global family preservation movement.

Our mission is to empower vulnerable, expectant mothers and prevent family separation. fp365 is dedicated to building a strong foundation of advocates willing to provide local support, networking and community involvement.

Additionally, we believe a critical piece of education and awareness is found by exploring the layers of lived experience. As we listen to those voices we will shift the current cultural narrative which promotes separation by adoption to one which celebrates the preservation of family. 

fp365 Founders ///

img_6145Stephanie Mays Staats is an adoptee in reunion and a natural mother who has had an extremely open adoption since her daughter’s birth, 28 years ago. She is devoted to voicing the realities within adoption and to family preservation.

She is founder of the search group New York Adoptions: Uncovering the Secrets as well as co-founder of Adoption Surveys. She is also a member of AZ Adoption Circle and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Saving Our Sisters.



Reshma McClintock is an international adoptee committed to elevating adoptee voices through her work as an adoptee advocate.  

As the founder of Dear Adoption, she is helping to transform the narrow view society has regarding the adopted.

While her own adoption experience has been positive, Reshma believes society has become too quick to separate families unnecessarily. She’s passionate about creating a societal shift and refocusing our efforts in order to keep families intact.